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Clients and Industries

Naturally, we can’t tell you the names of all of our clients. We can tell you that they are from all across the globe and from all sectors of the economy.

• Internet web hosting, SEO consulting, and related companies
• SAP and other ERP and IT consulting firms in a number of industries
• Manufacturing companies, including a wide variety of products from paper and packaging to specialty valves
• Medical professionals including podiatrists, dentists, OB/GYNs and general practitioners
• Non-profit organizations, including churches, child care centers, theatres, support groups and symphonies
• Attorneys, including litigators and tax attorneys
• Artists, including performance artists, illustrators, painters and musicians
• Catering/amusement service company
• Real estate development and sales corporations
• Construction corporations

• Internet and E-commerce
• Information Technology Consulting
• Oil & Gas
• Waste Management