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Corporate Law

The Erb Law Firm, PC, focuses on providing comprehensive service for domestic and international professionals and companies. We can help you with everything from incorporation and structuring of your business entity to the drafting and negotiation of service contracts, licensing agreements, online terms of use, leases, and other agreements.

Below are some examples of work we’ve done in the past, but if you don’t see what you need give us a call and we’ll let you know.

Structuring Businesses
• Structuring and forming corporations for entrepreneurs and international clients, including German, UK, Czech and Australian clients, in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, South Carolina and elsewhere;
• Drafting and reviewing shareholders agreements, stock purchase agreements, and related financial notes for buyers and sellers of shares in both computer based and non-computer based companies;
• Recapitalization and reorganization of a successful restaurant, a translation service company, and an Internet-based service company;
• Assisting a German company in all aspects of starting business in the United States. including recruiting and hiring employees, choosing other professional advisors, locating suitable office space, and local assistance in emergencies;
• Managing the dissolution and withdrawal of unused or merged corporations.

Operating Businesses
• Drafting and reviewing consulting and licensing agreements, software maintenance and escrow agreements, and other software, consulting and IT-related agreements.
• Drafting and reviewing non-compete, nondisclosure, confidentiality, and other agreements for both domestic and international companies.
• Drafting promissory notes;
• Drafting and reviewing commercial and residential leases;
• Drafting board and shareholder resolutions and maintaining company minute books.
• Advice as to Employment and Tax law

Internet-Based Companies
• Drafting web site privacy policies, terms of service, disclosures, and click-through agreements for a number of Internet-based service companies.
• Reviewing sign on and purchase processes for compliance with US law and enforceability
• Advise as to compliance with a diverse range of privacy laws, including US laws relating to specific industries, various state laws, and the EU Privacy Directive as well as the Department of Commerce safe harbor provisions.